2023 Global OTT Forum


2023 Global OTT Forum


Streaming Beyond Imagination

Date and Time

November 16(Wed), Grand Ballroom, The Ambassador Seoul – A Pullman Hotel



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10:00 – 10:20

Opening Ceremony

10:20 – 11:05

Keynote Speech The OTT industry is becoming increasingly competitive. In this challenging circumstances, we aim to explore collaborative growth strategies and international cooperation measures for OTT companies to thrive and progress. Furthermore, we seek to discuss medium to long-term business plans and industry collaboration approaches to ensure sustained growth for the companies.

Mutual Growth: Streaming Industry and Korean Creative Ecosystem
Don Kang ㅣ Vice President of Content, Netflix Korea

Current Status and Development Directions of the Asia OTT Market
Janice Lee ㅣ CEO, Viu & PCCW Media Group

The Future of Online Streaming and Contents
Julie Choi ㅣ CEO, TVING

11:05 – 11:25

Special Session
Which Type of Content do Viewers want to watch in OTT Platform? With the increasing variety of themes and structures available, content that OTT viewers can access is growing day by day. We would like to explore what constitutes competitive content in the online streaming market and investigate the competitiveness of sports content.

The Competitiveness of Sports Content in the Online Streaming Market
John Gleasure ㅣ Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, DAZN / Chairman, TSN

11:25 – 11:45

Session 1
How is the Global OTT Market Changing? As competition intensifies, companies are uncovering growth potential through diverse content and technological innovation. In light of this, we aim to explore the current landscape and future of the global OTT industry, and engage in discussions regarding the evolution of OTT platform business models and their prospects.

The Next Stage of Growth & Monetisation in Online Video: Local & Global Perspectives
Vivek Couto ㅣ Executive Director and Co-Founder, MPA

11:45 – 12:05

Session 2
How do Asian OTT Operators respond to the Market? Japan is a country within the Asian OTT market where the VOD market size increases annually, while facing intense competition from foreign entrants. In the midst of this competitive landscape and efforts to counter providers, local Japanese OTT company is solidifying its domestic presence. We aim to explore strategies for responding to the intensified environment while strengthening their domestic presence and seeking opportunities for business expansion through presentations by a local OTT company that is competing with foreign entrants.

The Current Status of the OTT Market in Japan and Success Strategies of U-NEXT
Tenshin Tsutsumi ㅣ CEO, U-NEXT


Lunch Break

14:00 – 14:20

Session 3
How do European Media Operators respond to the Changes in the Media Market? The current media industry is undergoing a rapid transformation as content distribution platforms shift to digital, and global market trends intensify. We intend to examine France, which boasts advanced infrastructure and media options within Europe, in order to explore strategies for media operators' responses.

French Media Market and International Expansion Case Study of Canal+
Uky Choiㅣ SVP, Canal+ (Luxembourg)

14:20 – 14:40

Session 4
How are Overseas Media Consumers Using Media? As various factors such as region, generation, culture, and technological advancements contribute to differences in how media is consumed, we aim to examine how consumers in major countries utilize media.

Through the Global Lens: A Comparative Analysis of Media Consumption Across the World
Kiju Kimㅣ Senior Executive Director, Hankook Research

14:40 – 15:10

Coffee Break

15:10 – 16:30

Session 5
What is needed for the Advancement of the Korean OTT Industry? We aim to discuss the prerequisites for successful overseas expansion of local Korean OTT companies, along with government policies. Additionally, we seek to explore strategies for fostering the growth of Korea’s OTT industry, with the goal of enhancing its vitality.

K-OTT’s Successful Overseas Expansion Strategy
KunHee Parkㅣ CEO and CPO, KOCOWA

(Presentation & Roundtable) Strategies for the Development of Korean OTT Industry
Moderator Chul-Soo Moon ㅣ Chairman, Korea OTT Forum (Professor, Hanshin University)
Speaker Dongkyoo Sung ㅣ Professor, School of Media and Communication, Chung-Ang University
Discussants Jong Hwan Park ㅣ Corporate Relations General Director, TVING
Dong-hwan Noh ㅣ Team Leader, Content Wavve Corp.
Ho Gi Jang ㅣ PD, Galaxy Corporation Studio 27. (Producer of Netflix Physical: 100)
Sungmin Lee ㅣ Assistant Professor, Department of Media Arts & Sciences, Korea National Open University